2020 County Candidates

2020 County Candidates


For State's Attorney

Danley (Republican)

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Reardon (Democratic)

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For Circuit Clerk

Hurst (Republican)


For Coroner

Schniers (Republican)


For County Board

A Candidate for County Board will only appear on your ballot if you live in one of the 6 districts up for election.

To determine which district you live in, check out these Coles County District Maps.


District 1

Cox (Republican)


District 2

Coffey (Republican)

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District 5

Doty (Republican)


District 8

Shook (Republican)


District 11

Bell (Republican)


District 12

Mirick (Republican)

Mason (Democratic)


2020 Candidates


(President & Vice President, Senator, and Representative)


(State Senator and Representative)

Judicial Retention


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