1000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000books1000 Books is designed to help parents integrate reading into their lifestyle/family which in turn prepares their children for kindergarten.  Just print your log here and start reading! You may read and even re-read any books from anywhere with the only time limit being your child’s first day of kindergarten. Build vocabulary and literacy skills, bond as you snuggle with bedtime books, and get prizes just by doing what you love! 




Who can participate?

Children from birth up to their first day of kindergarten.


Do I need a Library Card?



How does it work?

For every book your child listens to, color in a book icon on the reading log.  Every 100 books read earns a special recognition ribbon.  When you finish all 1000, you get a book and your name on our wall of fame!


What books count?

Any book, from anywhere, any time your child listens count!  This includes books from Story Time, pre-school, audiobooks and 


Can we read the same book more than once?

Yes! Repetition is an integral part of learning.  Count each book every time you read it.

How long does it take?

0 Years Old

1 Book Per Day


4 Books Per Week

1 Year Old

1 Book Per Day


5 Books Per Week

2 Years Old

1 Book Per Day


7 Books Per Week

3 Years Old

2 Books Per Day


10 Books Per Week

4 Years Old

3 Books Per Day


20 Books Per Week


Why should we do this?

  • In their first five years, children develop 3/5 of their lifetime vocabulary.  
  • Picture books contain 3 times the number of rare words than daily conversation.
  • By reading to children, you can increase their vocabulary by 1,500 words by age five.
  • Because reading together is a snuggly fun way to bond!

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