Fax, Laminator, Disc Cleaner, & Courtesy Phone

Fax Machine

The Library's fax machine is located at the Service Desk. Patrons may receive and/or send faxes at the Library at the rate of $1.00 per page.

Faxes are sent only within the continental United States.  The Library assumes no responsibility of notification of the receipt of a fax for an individual, unless phone number of recipient’s phone number is listed. Received faxes will be held by the Library for one week and then discarded if not picked up.

Disc Cleaner

The Library's disc cleaner is located at the Service Desk. The fees for cleaning a disc are:

  • DVD/CD Regular Clean: $1.00
  • DVD/CD Deep Clean: $2.00
  • Blu-Ray Disc/Video Game: $2.00

By using the Library’s disc cleaning service, patrons release the Library of any responsibility regarding the quality or the functionality of their disc after it has been cleaned.


The Library's laminator is located at the Information Desk. The fees for laminating are:

  • 4x6: $0.50
  • 8.5x11: $1.00
  • 11x17: $2.00